Duration: 3 days

This 3 day training course is for anyone who works in and around confined spaces and also requires to act as the standby operator and in the event of an emergency, carry out confined space rescue including the use of breathing apparatus. Remember, law requires every confined space to have an emergency rescue plan and MUST be able to be carried out immediately by competent rescue operators!

Confined space worker/rescuer 3 day training course includes these 9 key units of competency:

RIIWHS202E  Enter and work in confined spaces which is the minimum requirement for all workers entering and working in confined spaces. The learning outcomes include, confined space awareness, legislative requirements, hazard and risk controls, tools and equipment, entry, exit and clean up procedures.

MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit provides understanding and training on how permit systems work and to maintain a safe and compliant work safe

MSMPER202 Observe permit work allows the workers to act as the standby/spotter to ensure all workers inside the confined space are safe and conditions of the work permits are followed. 

MSMWHS217  Gas test atmospheres will enable the operator to test atmospheres using a range of testing equipment in order to determine a safe atmosphere for workers. The competency requires the operator to safely take and interpret gas readings and take the appropriate actions.

MSMWHS201  Conduct hazard analysis RIIRIS201E Conduct local risk control which will cover hazard and risk identification within the workplace, including creation and implementation of hazard analysis tools such as
* Job safety analysis (JSA)
* Safe work method statement (SWMS)

MSMPER300  Issue work permits, covers the understanding and limitations of the permit system. As the competent permit issuer, you will be making decisions regarding the need for permits and ensure the conditions are implemented.

MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus will provide the skills to operators to check and safely use open circuit self contained breathing apparatus when atmospheres may pose a significant risk to safety during confined space operations.

PUASAR025 Undertake confined space rescue will enable operators to be part of the standby rescue team. In the event of an emergency, confined space rescue operators must be able to rapidly extricate trapped or unconscious workers in any confined space situation.

Successful completion of this training will be awarded the statement of attainment for:

  • RIIWHS202E Enter and work in confined spaces
  • MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit
  • MSMPER202 Observe permit work
  • MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres
  • RIIRIS201E Conduct local risk control
  • MSMWHS201 Conduct hazard analysis
  • MSMPER300 Issue work permits
  • MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus
  • PUASAR025 Undertake confined space rescue       

Recommended course

This course will cover all requirements to enable workers to enter and conduct works within confined spaces, conduct atmospheric monitoring duties, carry out standby duties, operate breathing apparatus and undertake a rescue scenario within confined spaces. 

Pricing and location

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Platinum Safety Training Centre: Prestons NSW

Price guide: $750.00 pp for individuals (public courses)
Group up to 4 students: $3300.00 – (min. booking fee)
Additional students charged @ $400.00 pp
Capped pricing: $3900.00 for a group of up to 6 students
All prices are GST Free – Note: All corporate bookings will be individually quoted.

Found a better quote? Please give us a call and let our friendly staff ensure you are receiving the best training for the best price!

Get in contact with us! Call: 1300 027 057 or Email: info@platinumsafety.com.au

Please note: All students must be able to communicate in English and able to complete all documents, including theory assessments. If assistance is required, please contact us prior to commencement of training day to discuss options. Failure to do this, may result in a student not being able to complete the training and a refund will not be issued.

Courses are held at our facilities in Prestons unless stated otherwise in the individual course info.

Platinum Safety Training Centre,
2 / 6 Weld st Prestons, NSW 2170

Open Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m – 5:30 pm

Do I require training to carry out works in a confined space?

The simple answer is YES! Here at Platinum Safety and Training, we make it easy when it comes to deciding what training you need to carry out work in a confined space. We have a range of confined space training courses to suit everyone.

Confined Spaces Training courses offered

Confined space entry (1 day)

This 1 day course is the minimum requirement for all workers entering and working in confined spaces, whether they just need refresher training or are a newcomer to confined space work.

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Confined space entry + gas tester (1 day)

This 1 day course is the for all workers entering and working in confined spaces with the extra skills and knowledge to allow workers to carry out and interpret gas testing and atmospheric monitoring.

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Confined space supervisor (2 days)

2 day training course for anyone who is required to enter and work in a confined space, carry out standby operations, conduct gas testing, approving risk assessments and issuing work permits.

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Confined space rescuer (3 days)

3 day training course for anyone who is required to enter and work in a confined space, issue work permits, carry out standby operations, conduct gas testing, operate breathing apparatus and carry out confined space rescue.

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Breathing apparatus

1 day training program – Safely use and wear breathing apparatus

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Confined space rescue

This unit of competency PUASAR025 Undertake confined space rescue, + MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus will provide students and those who need a refresher with the skills, knowledge and training to be a part of a Confined space Rescue team.

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Confined space entry - group training

This 1 day course is the minimum requirement for all workers entering and working in confined spaces – the group environment is perfect for newcomers who have yet to work in team situations or those needing some refresher training on working in confined spaces in larger crews.

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Confined space training - Canberra

This 1 day course is the minimum requirement for all workers entering and working in confined spaces. Group training is onsite at your workplace in Canberra and surrounding areas.

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Confined space standby rescue service

Our team of specialists are all members of a professional emergency rescue service and have years of industrial experience in all aspects of confined space operations in Sydney.

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