Do you have an upcoming project in Sydney involving confined spaces and may require rescue services from a company on standby?

On any job, we understand that a business wants to focus on the work they are setting out to complete, but the safety of their employees is paramount. By letting our expert team of specialists take care of all your safety and compliance requirements, you can put your attention solely on what you are being paid to do.

Mandatory measures on confined space services

As per legislation and guidance documentation, before any work commences, the following mandatory control measures must be implemented:

  • Risk assessments (SWMS
  • Confined space entry permit
  • Documented rescue plan
  • Signage/Barricading
  • Isolations
  • Atmospheric monitoring
  • Training
  • Communications
  • Standby operator

For many businesses, this can be a very timely and expensive exercise, consisting on many days training and the purchase of equipment in excess of thousands of dollars! In some cases, it can even leave to ‘cutting-corners’ on safety, which is really not in the best interest of any interested party.

If you or your team require the mandatory training, check out our range of confined space training courses we offer. All of our training is of the highest of quality and is Nationally Recognised Training. 

Protecting Sydney with our Confined Space Rescue Services

For a simple and cost effective solution in preparatory standby rescue procedures, let our complete Sydney-based confined space service assist you. This includes:

  • Confined space consultation/Identification
  • Providing and completing risk assessments (SWMS)
  • Atmospheric testing and monitoring
  • Providing and Issuing work permits
  • Provide standby operators
  • Rescue planning and rescue operations
  • Advance first aid equipment/operators
  • Provide all entry/rescue equipment

Our team of specialists are all members of a professional emergency rescue service and have years of industrial experience in all aspects of confined space operations in Sydney.

Regardless of the location, the length of the project or the time of day, we are committed to ensure your project will be managed safely and efficiently for you and your staff. Once contacted, our standby team are fully committed to engaging in the most efficient of procedures, to ensure any rescue services related to confined spaces are completed in a timely and low-risk manner.

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