Emergency ready

We know that no workplace wants to experience a fire on its premises. Despite making the workplace safe, human error can still occur and it’s in these times that fire warden training can make the difference. Platinum Safety and Training has helped many individuals to learn and improve their fire safety skills and believes that proper training can be crucial to keeping a worksite protected. We take time to make sure you understand the essentials and are ready to achieve a qualification that can make a difference should a fire emergency occur.

Fire warden and emergency training courses offered

Fire Extinguisher Training

This training course will provide skills and knowledge to assess a range of small workplace emergencies including safely extinguish small fires. Topics include fire safety awareness, fire fighting equipment and their applications.

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Fire Warden + Fire Extinguisher Training

This training course will give employees the skills and knowledge to carry out emergency warden duties. It places responsibility on individual employees who are delegated roles within the emergency control organisation and to participate in the preparation of workplace emergency procedures.

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Chief Warden + Fire Warden + Fire Extinguisher Training

This training course will cover all aspects of a workplace emergency control organisation. Including Emergency warden, chief warden and fire extinguisher training. This applies to employees within all industries.

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Fire warden / Fire extinguisher training

Emergencies within the workplace can occur at any time. To ensure your workplace is prepared, Platinum Safety and Training can provide your team with specialised skills and knowledge to identify, assess and control a range of emergency situations. This specialised team will be known as the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), consisting of either emergency wardens, chief wardens and workplace first aiders.

Whether you are in Sydney or any other location with NSW, having fire extinguisher training is essential to ensure, should a fire breakout in the workplace, you are prepared and protected. We offer practical guidance to those who commence our course and are committed to professional teaching and great results. Find out more about what options are available to you, we are always happy you talk safety and how we can help you in your career.

Now offering training on location

We now conduct onsite training at your workplace for groups all over the state of New South Wales. Click for more information!

For all your fire safety training needs

Platinum Safety and Training can also assist your workplace with emergency training needs. We offer both nationally recognised training or non-accredited training courses. This will also ensure your workplace remains compliant as per the WHS Regulations (43) and Australian Standards 3745-2010. We are believers in complying with protocol and keeping a business up to date with the latest information it needs to offer the highest quality of safety service possible. Enquire and find out more by calling 1300 027 057.