10 Advantages of an OHS Management Systems

Did you know that over 2,500 Australian workers have been killed at work in the last decade, according to Safe Work Australia estimates? A significant number of employees have been injured or disabled as a result of workplace injuries. That is why businesses of all sizes and industries are eager to reduce their employees’ risks by implementing a strong workplace health and safety management system.

If your business is concerned about employee protection, you’ve probably heard of OHS management systems.

If you have no OHS steps in place or simply want to strengthen your current method, you might be wondering:


“What are the advantages of implementing an OHS management system?”

That is the question we will attempt to address in this article. We promise to show you the basic advantages of OHS management systems and how they can assist you in managing health and safety risks at your company.

The following are the top ten advantages of an OHS management system:

  1. Quality in terms of health and safety has improved.

  2. Costs associated with injuries and incidents are reduced.

  3. Staff morale and ties have strengthened.

  4. Improve the company’s productivity

  5. Improved public awareness and public relations

  6. Insurance costs are lower.

  7. Getting a loan is a lot easier now.

  8. Regulatory enforcement has increased.

  9. Increased self-assurance

  10. Boost your company’s and community’s social responsibility

These ten incredible advantages of introducing an OHS management system should be irresistible to any company or organization. Focusing on employee health and safety can have far-reaching consequences for your business, affecting everything from profits to costs to public perception.

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