2021 World Day for Safety and Health at Work

The World Day for Workplace Safety and Health, as well as Workers’ Memorial Day, falls on Wednesday, April 28. The day gives people a chance to think about how to prevent occupational diseases, deaths, injuries, and illnesses at work. It’s also a day to honor those who have died as a result of a work-related illness or accident.

Although the number of work-related deaths in Australia has been gradually declining over the last decade, any workplace death is devastating and intolerably unacceptable. According to the most recent report, 183 employees died as a result of work-related injuries in 2019.

We can help prevent further work-related fatalities and injuries by raising awareness of work health and safety (WHS) issues and taking action to eliminate or reduce health and safety risks at work.

Anticipate, prepare, and respond to crises, and invest now in resilient OHS systems, according to the International Labour Organization’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work theme for 2021. The theme recognizes the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic on our working lives and the importance of establishing a WHS system that is reliable, flexible, and adaptable.

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