Mental Health Care At Work

Many of us spend one-third of our lives at work, which can have a significant positive or negative effect on our mental health. Almost one in every six Australian staff is currently suffering from mental illness, and about half of us will suffer from mental illness at some point in our lives. If it doesn’t affect you, it will almost certainly affect someone close to you.

Talking about your mental health
Mental illness has overtaken physical illness as the leading cause of long-term sickness absence in Australian workplaces, costing the economy up to $12 billion a year. It’s important to understand the risk factors for mental illness and what to look for in the workplace.

Occupational uncertainty, a lack of value and appreciation in the workplace, and a disparity in job design are three main risk factors reported by the Black Dog Institute as contributing to mental health issues at work. A Black Dog Institute study found a clear correlation between job pressure (the product of a combination of high work speed, intensity, and competing demands, combined with a lack of control or decision-making capacity) and an increased risk of mental illness.

So, what should we do at work to boost mental health? The good news is that everyone in the workplace will boost their mental health by taking a few basic steps:

  • Be a change leader.
  • Manage risk factors and creating a positive culture.
  • Educate and increase awareness
  • Connect with people who can motivate you.

A mentally balanced workplace is beneficial to all. Mentally safe workplaces foster mental health prevention through good job design, successful consultation, and early links to care to help staff recover. Staff are more dedicated to their company and do their best work when they feel supported, respected, and engaged.


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